The jazz group with a difference

Seven seasoned musicians with virtuosic jazz

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Our Jazz workshop is aimed at children aged between 9 and 13 years of age with basic instrumental skills - and also children with no musical skills, who are taught to play percussion. At the end of the day your children will leave with a memorable and exciting experience, which they will talk about for weeks to come.

A typical jazz workshop consists of 3 one-hour sessions in the afternoon, which culminate in an engaging performance of their own group, then mixing in with our professional musicians, playing several further pieces during the 6plus1 concert. This allows the children to demonstrate the new skills they have learnt, supported by professional musicians in a concert setting.

Session 1. We evaluate the standard of each pupil and give the appropriate music to their standard. We explain about jazz and teach them the blues scale, starting a piece in the form of the blues that will be performed on their own in the concert. In this session the drummers will be coached separately in the New Orleans style called “2nd line groove”

Session 2.
The drummers join the main group and we Introduce more pieces that will be played with the 6plus1 band. Students that are more able will be encouraged to take improvised solos in the appropriate places.

Session 3. The work of the previous two sessions will be consolidated, with the pupils taking part in a 6plus1 sound check and rehearsal.

The concert would be in the late afternoon or early evening.
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